Tuesday, February 20, 2007

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Leo Kenneally was the owner/operator of the notorious Her Medical Clinic in California. Other activists tell me he's still alive and presumably still in business. According to the medical board web site he's finished his probation, though the California medical board web site doesn't give you access to disciplinary documents so you can find out what it is he did that he was in trouble for.

He performed the fatal abortion on Lilliana Cortez.

Also dead at his mill were Michelle Thames, Donna Heim, and Maria Soto.

Her Medical Clinic faced a formal complaint filed by local emergency room doctors due to the large number of abortion-injured women who were arriving by ambulance from Her. After the deaths of Michele Thames, Liliana Cortez, and Maria Soto, and in the wake of the complaint, the state moved to shut the facility down. Kenneally instead legally closed the facility and re-opened it as his private office, which would not have to be licensed by the state.

Keneally also botched abortions at Inglewood Women's Clinic. (Scroll to the bottom.)

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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Anonymous said...

I know this Dr. and he is so evil and so are his nurses. When I was 21 my mother wanted me to have an abortion and I would not agree to it. My mom begged me several time to go to his clinic just to be examined and every time to stop her from crying I would go but never did any procedures. We would just argue at the clinic. The third time I arrived at clinic she set it up so that I would be the only patient at clinic and once I arrived she told the main nurse to lock the doors .They locked all dooors. The reason I was there this third time is that she stole my car keys and my phone and told me if I want them back I need to go with her to speak with Dr. Kinneally because he has something he wants to tell me and she wants me to visit clinic one last time. She was crying and freaking out and since I did not want to call police on my own mom for stealing my keys ( I was stranded in parking lot with no keys to my car because she grabbed them as I was approaching my car-she was waiting for me at parking lot and when she saw me approach car she grabbed my keys)I decided I would go to clinic and try to get the staff to calm her down and explain to her that she can't choose abortion for me. Once we were at clinic the doors were locked upon my mom's request and the nursed became very rough. I refused to sign papers so my mom grabbed my arm and with her hand on top of mine she started to write my name but she was the one moving the pen and I was barely moving my arm. I moved my arm away and she signed rest of document. she started beating me in front of nurses. The main nurse cursed me and told me I should be a good daugter and do the abortion. I then went to secretary and pleaded with her to let me use her phone. She refused to let me make a phone call.That secretary was dr's daughter. Then the nurse and my mom after 2 -3 hours of arguing with me promised me that if I just went in to get examined they would let me go home . I so badly wanted to get out of there that I finally agreed to go in to see dr . for what I hoped would just be a conversation. The nurse told me to take a valium . I said "no" so she threw water at my face and tryed to shove the pill down my throat. She was telling me to shut up all the time. I knew I was in big trouble and that the dr. was most likely not going to help me out because just a week before he told me he does not want me or my mom at the clinic again. I know my mom was talking to him behind the scenes that she needed me to have this abortion and I found out later from his own words that he sympathized with her. When I got into exam room the nurse told me to lay down and I reminded her that I don't want an abortion and that I want to tell dr. that my mom pressured me in to clinic and that the doors have been locked so I can't leave clinic. she told me to shut up and I walked out becasue I was so insulted that she had told me to shut up again. my mom shoved my right back in. I did not know what to do. So I allowed him to examine me. He made no eye contact with me and before I could speak my mind to him he told the nurses to hold me down. I was held down so hard I could not getup. I told dr. I want to talk to him and not have an abortion but he was holding me so hard with those 2 nurses I could not move. I was screaming for him to let me go and that I want to get up but he and the nurses held me so tight. He placed some sticks in me and I knew he had started the procedure. He spoke only a few words to me and they were " shut up and open your pussy. At this point I did not know how to reverse the abortion and my mom dropped me off at her friends' house who she asked to watch over me until next day. I walked out of clinic that day in shock. Could not believe how cold nurse and dr. were. My mom handed out money to all the nurses and was thrilled the process had started. The nurse told me I could not reverse procedure and that no emergency room would help me without dr's consent. what happened over next few days was a nightmare and the details are too much to tell. I was 21 and I like to think this dr. is most abnormal man on earth. He and his nurses were the strangest people. The main nurse took so much pride in her work and bragged to me about that she thinks she does more abortions that any other clinic.I felt so defeated and exploited by this dr and after he tricked me into starting this abortion I became so tense i could not think straight about how to get out of it and reverse abortion he had started. I felt so trapped by him and my mom.Today I am married with 2 kids and luckily I am able to have kids. He said many strange things to me at the clinic and I can't mention them all. I spoke with prosecutor who know works in San Diego about what it was like to try and prosecute this dr. many years back when he was on trial for death of one patient. He apologized to me and said he wished he could have stopped the dr's practice for good but that the women's groups defended him very well. He told me that Dr. KInneally made alot of money as an abortionist and that he was very profitable. He suggested I write a letter to state about what he did to me. I did write letter but received response that after 7-8 years cases are closed. I have no desire to pursue any case against this dr. since it happened so many years ago and he is so old. I just wish some of these clinics had cameras to verify that patients are not being abused by anyone.Dr. kineally and his staff along with my mom took advantage of my innocence and self respect. I should have known not to go to clinic with my mom but at same time never expected her and the staff to lie to me that I was just going to be examined and that a dr. would ignore my wishes when I specifically told him as he entered exam room that we had to talk. Mothers can be very harmful to pregnant daughters if they disprove of pregnancy. My mom on that particular day of abortion took my car keys and phone away and told me if I want them back I have to get in her car and go with her to meet Dr. KIneally. Idid not want to call the police on her so thought to myself that once I get to clinic I will tell the staff she is pressuring me and I need their help to explain to my mom that abortion is my choice not hers. The staff wanted my mom to be heard not me. Kineally is a monster and he knows he is a sick man. If anyone read my story I am not willing to go public with my story or appear on media. I am married and have a new life now and want to be anonymous. There are bad abortion doctors out there and unfortunately my mom met the perfect criminal to do her dirty work.