Sunday, February 11, 2007

Seeking Alberto Hodari

Again, ask and it shall be given unto you. This is what I have on Alberto Hodari:

  • Hodari is blamed for the fatal abortions on Tamia Russell (pictured) and Chivon Williams.

    The following information is about lawsuits filed against Hodari.

    Pamela L. alleged that she underwent an abortion by Hodari (pictured) and/or Dr. Roumell and/or other physicians. (Since it's not unusual for abortion facilities to keep a woman in the dark about who staff members are, it's not unusual for a woman to be forced to file suit against every doctor associated with the facility that did her abortion.) Whichever of them did her abortion failed to properly determine gestational age, failed to remove all of the placenta, and failed to detect Pamela's incomplete abortion. Pamela required further hospitalization and surgery. (Wayne County Circuit Court Case No. 86-627445)

    Joann B. alleged that she was diagnosed pregnant by Hodari and/or staff at Northland Women's Medical Center. No ultrasound or other verification was done to verify that the positive pregnancy test was accurate. Joann underwent an abortion by Hodari on June 17, 1985. She suffered a perforated uterus and permanent injury, and required surgery. After her ordeal, Joann learned that she had not actually been pregnant. (Oakland County Circuit Court Civil Action No. 86 320211)

    Bonita L. alleged that she underwent an abortion by by Hodari on September 5, 1984 at Womancare of Lakewood. Bonita was 9 weeks pregnant. About 30 minutes post-procedure, Bonita experienced bleeding and cramping, and was treated with Ergotrate. Pamela experienced shock and continued bleeding, and was "ultimately transported to Bon Secours Hospital." There, surgery found a 3 cm uterine perforation, bleeding from the right uterine artery, and perforation of the broad ligament. Bonita's injuries were so severe that the surgeon had to remove her uterus. (Wayne County Circuit Court Case No. 85-504476)

    Other suits were filed against Womancare and other abortionists working for Hodari there.

    Christine B. alleged an incomplete 1983 abortion at Hodari's Womancare. Valerie H. alleged failure to diagnose her ectopic pregnancy in a 1982 abortion by Sasinee Vibhasiri at Woman Care/Detroit Memorial Hospital, and in follow-up by A. Hodari at Detroit Memorial Hospital. Karen W. alleged that she underwent an abortion by Lee Stevenson at the direction of Hodari on September 9, 1980, at Detroit Memorial Hospital; she was discharged from the hospital September 15, and faulted Hodari's staff with failure to notify her of risks and complications.

    In spite of all this, the Michigan medical board lists no disciplinary actions against Hodari.

    My RealChoice page on Hodari is here.

    Christina Dunigan said...

    Doing an illegal third trimester abortion and then sending the underage patient home to die seems pretty plainly sleazy to me. You have different standards.

    Anonymous said...

    I've had 2 abortions done by Dr. Hodari. I think he is very professional & comforting. his nurses are all great. I don't get why HE is getting the blame. those 15 yr old girls had no business getting illegal abortions, without their parents being there. they are to blame. not the doctor. he was just tryinig to help her, and do his job! her parents should have been more aware of what she was doing!!!!

    Christina Dunigan said...

    I like your "Blame the victim" mentality.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm one hundred percent agreed with the opinion of the people published in Viagra Online, this men deserve to go not to the jail, directly to electric chair.

    googleeyes said...

    what is he doing? experimenting on people? DOES HE KNOW WHAT HES DOING? I GUESS NOT he killed many of his mistakes could of been avoided..stupid mistakes

    googleeyes said...

    JF are u stupid? you sound stupid. A professional would NOT ALLOW A 15 YEAR TO GET A ILLEGAL ABORTION or procure.YOUR BLAMING THE DEATH ON THE PARENTS, ARE U SERIOUS?? for your information the 15 year old's mom did not even know she was even pregnant get your facts. She was a statutory rape victim have some respect for her death.she died over 2000 dollar!BLOOD MONEY It was an under the table procedure. Alberto Hodari was not professional or responsible just greedy. HAVE U even READ THE STORIES? A 23 YEAR OLD WOMAN DIED she got it done legally.By the way: how would her parents being there avoid her death? the only thing Alberto Hodari did was take her life away. HOW CAN U BE SO CRUEL SHE WAS ONLY 15!! U SHOULD BE AWARE OF WHAT YOUR DOING-> YOU HAVE HAD 2 ABORTIONS! do us a favor and SHUT UP!