Monday, September 03, 2007

Anniversary: Death after abortion by the notorious Dr. Hagenow

Marie Hicht, employed as a domestic on Dearborn Avenue, died September 2, 1899 at the office of Dr. Louise Hagenow from complications of an abortion performed there that day.

Dr. Hagenow was sentenced to Joliet prison in 1900 for Marie's death.

It is likely that this Dr. Louise Hagenow is the Dr. Lucy Hagenow mentioned in Leslie J. Reagan's book, When Abortion Was A Crime. Reagan says that Dr. Lucy Hagenow was connected with the 1899 abortion death of a patient. I doubt that there wre two Hagenows in the Chicago area both practicing abortion who both killed patients the same year.

Other deaths attributed to Louise or Lucy Hagenow are:

  • Lottie Lowy
  • Bridget Masterson
  • Nina H. Pierce
  • Mary Moorehead
  • Jean Cohen
  • Elizabeth Welte

    These deaths underscore how important it is to make sure that abortion laws have some teeth, and that quacks get locked up where they can't harm anybody any more.
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