Thursday, September 27, 2007

Don't these people have the Internet?

Jivin' J posts:

n These Times (a leftwing monthly magazine) has an article by Carrie Kilman on abortion in the South. One of the highlights is when Kilman ignorantly claims that most states in the Deep South "ban abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy."

Does this magazine have a single editor?? Seriously?? Of the states Kilman lists (Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina) each has an abortion facility which advertises they do abortion after 12 weeks on their web site. I found the above clinics in a couple of minutes by simply typing "abortion" and the state name in Google.

Jay commented:

It took me 3 minutes on the Planned Parenthood Website to pull up a table with all 50 states and the legal restrictions on abortion. Georgia allows abortions up to the third trimester per this sheet and if a 2nd pysician approves later term abortions are approved.

This reinforces what James Davison Hunter found about how "the more confident they were in their misinformation," the more likely Americans were to self-identify as "pro-choice". You have to be clinging to ignorance with both hands white-knucked to hang on to some of this.

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