Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Continued prayers for nephew, please

He had the surgery to fuse his broken spine today and they confirmed that the paralysis is permanent, though there is some sensation. I guess the sense nerves and the motor nerves branch off at different points. It's a T8 fracture.

I know that there are adult stem cell treatments in the works here in South Korea as well as in Portugal. Now might be a good time to blow the dust off your links if you have any. Also biofeedback, computer stimulation, etc. What's out there for Benj?


Alexandra said...

I'm so sorry. I've kept your family in my thoughts these past few days, and I've been hoping for good news. It makes me happy to know that he has people who love him as much as you do to be with him during this time.

Is he still in a drug-induced coma? Please don't answer if you're not comfortable doing so; I don't mean to pry.

Christina Dunigan said...

Thanx so much. His mom and dad sent heartfelt thanks to everybody praying for Benj.

Pat Goltz sent me a buttload of links. I've blogged some of them. The guy in Portugal looks particularly promising and best of all, if Benj is eligible, the treatment itself is free! We'd only have the cost of transporting him and his support people to Portugal and keeping them there while the treatment and recovery are going on.

Benj would have to be six months post-injury without improvement to be eligible. I'm praying that he has so much improvement that the doctor won't want him as a subject!

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Just to say, I echo the things that Alexandra said. I will pray for Benj.

Anonymous said...

sorry i forgot to put my name, Sarah. Take care.

Christina Dunigan said...

Thanks again to everybody who is praying, whether you've posted or not.