Monday, September 10, 2007

Audio of woman's testimony about coerced illegal abortion

Listen here to the testimony given by Michelle Arnesto-Berg before a joint interim legislative committee examining late-term abortions in Kansas on September 7, 2007. Depending on how you count -- from conception or from her last period -- Michelle had been 24 or 26 weeks pregnant. She'd been browbeaten into the abortion by her family. The procedure was started -- irreversibly, since the very first thing they did was administer a lethal injection to the fetus -- before she ever met with a counselor or underwent a medical history or examination or even had blood work done.

She said that the other patients who were also having late abortions at Tiller's facility were there for social reasons. Nobody had any physical or fetal indication that they mentioned to her at all.

I'll get up a link to a transcript if one becomes available. The audio is usually pretty good, but there are often distractng noises, and the people questioning Michelle at the end are often difficult to hear.

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