Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Daily Mail censors own abortion story

Dawn Eden and BIg Blue Wave posted about the article in the Daily Mail, What WE think of abortion - by the women who had them.... The article still says, "But what do women who have had abortions think? Here, seven of them give their views . . ." But they only share six stories.

Dawn quoted the story that was removed:

By the time I had the abortion, I was 15 weeks and two days pregnant. I went into hospital with my best friend for moral support, and the nurse gave me tablets to bring on labour. Because I was so far into the pregnancy, I had to give birth rather than have a straightforward abortion.

It was horrendous. After two hours the contractions started, and I clung onto the hand of the midwife. Once I felt the baby starting to come, I had to go into the toilet and let it drop onto a stainless steel tray.

"Don't look," said the midwife. "Keep your eyes straight in front of you and walk away immediately." There was no way I could have looked down and seen my baby. I was numb.

By then I was bleeding heavily, but I was allowed to go home. I went straight to bed and told my mum I had a very heavy period. For two days I lay in bed, shocked and exhausted, but I still I knew I had done the right thing.

Three months later, I started university. I coped by just blanking the abortion out. I would make the same decision again, but it has affected my life. I am paranoid about getting pregnant, and haven't had a successful relationship since.

Dawn says, "The woman's name and photo were printed in the story. She is a 22-year-old TV researcher and has a Louise Brooks haircut."

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