Thursday, September 27, 2007

Miracle baby is obstacle to Brazilian abortion proponents

Brazilian baby with anencephaly now ten months old

Little Marcela de Jesus Galante Ferrerira has broken the survival record for babies with anencephaly. "According to her pediatrician, Dr. Marcia Beani, despite her birth defect, Marcela is very active, can recognize her mother and cries when she is not in her arms. She still is being fed with a tube, but occasionally she can take soup and soft foods."

This is not the empty shell described by advocates of aborting such children or just gutting them to use their organs. Marcela is a child, no more or less deserving of her life than any other child. Abortion supporters in Brazil, predictably, are lamenting that prolifers are pointing to Marcela as evidence that severely disabled babies deserve a chance at life:

“We fear that this isolated and rare case will change the Court’s opinion and that everything that we have achieved up to know could be jeopardized by this case,” said Dr. Jorge Andalaft Neto, who performs abortions at the Jabaquara Hospital.

You've got a sad life when you count getting state sanction for killing disabled children as some sort of achievement. Wouldn't helping disabled kids be a more worthwhile endeavor?

HT: Big Blue Wave.

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