Friday, September 14, 2007

Saturday Roundup

An Abortionist's Right to Deceive Women, in National Review Online, looks at the New Jersey Supreme Court's ruling that it's okay for an abortionist to assure a woman who asks about "the baby" that an abortion will remove nothing but "tissue" or "blood". Their logic was that "[Acuna] understood that without [an abortion or] miscarriage, she would give birth to a child in seven more months.” But Ms. Acuna didn't ask her doctor what would happen in seven months if she opted not to abort. She asked what was in her uterus at the moment, what exactly it was that an abortion would destroy. He lied to her. And the New Jersey Supreme Court if okay with that. (HT: JJ) More on this here.

Another dastardly researcher is developing cures that don't require killing anybody. (HT: JJ) And here's more! (HT: Stem Cell Therapy) How can we make any progress in the world at all if curing Person A doesn't require that Person B's life be sacrificed? Why, ESCR and organ harvesting could go the way of the buggy whip! Perish the thought!

ProLife Blogs asks, What Percentage of PP's Business Really Is Abortions? PP repeatedly claims that abortion accounts for ever so tiny a percentage of their business. But according to PP's own 2003-03 Annual Report, abortion generated between 63.3% and 71% of Planned Parenthood Federation of America's total clinic revenue. And, as ProLife Blogs notes, "Abortions were the end result in 93% of all pregnancies seen by Planned Parenthood." They're not very successful in helping people plan parenthood, are they, if so many of their customers' pregnancies are ending in abortion?

And in the Paging Captain Obvious department: Parental Notification for Abortion Decreases STD risk.

For the Why The Left Hates Bush files: He won't support forced abortions in China with US tax dollars. What a heartless bastard!

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