Thursday, September 20, 2007

Local and regional PP boycott information available

Life Decisions International has prepared a catalog of local and regional businesses who support Planned Parenthood.

I would suggest more of an educational approach rather than a straight-out boycott. Arrange to meet with owners or decision-makers in businesses you had been using, explaining to them why you can't in good conscience let money pass from your hands through them to an organization like Planned Parenthood.

You can get a free pamphlet on how Planned Parenthood facilitates child sexual abuse here. If you contact, you might be able to get audio tapes of the sting calls to your local PP. This can be a powerful tool! Few people honestly want to contribute to facilitating child sexual abuse!

A printable brochure about PP's history and impact is here. You can get an analysis of PP's annual report here.

Whichever information you decide is most relevant, please be prayerful and respectful. Even if you don't convince the business to stop funding child abuse and discrimination against the poor, disabled, and minorities, you can come away having changed their view of prolifers as raving, bomb-throwing nutcases.

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