Friday, September 28, 2007

Nephew doing well!

Thanks again so much for all your prayers. Benj's mom sends thanks and hugs.

Sam (Benj's wife) got word from the nurse (Doug) that they had Benj sitting up in a special recliner a bit last night. And -- (drum roll) -- he's been complaining that they don't feed him enough! That's our boy Benj!

He's no longer needing supplemental oxygen, and his lungs are healing very nicely. Yay!

They're planning a move soon out of the ICU to standard care. Yay again. And -- he might be off to the rehab hospital as soon as Monday!

This is serious miracle time. The medics and firefighters and news photographer were surprised that Benj was still alive at all. And just the middle of the week they weren't sure he'd make it through the night. Now they're looking ahead to rehab.

I can add that I got an email from my sister-in-law -- my brother Steve will be getting out of Iraq for a short visit, passing thru Seattle briefly to see his wife and kids before heading to Pennsylvania to see Benj. Prayers for a safe trip appreciated as well.


Anonymous said...

This is great news, you must be overjoyed

Christina Dunigan said...

Well, it's a mixed thing. I'm beyond delighted that he's gonna survive this after all. But now there's the paralyzis to face down. Patients take one of two typical tacks: they either say, "I'm gonna walk again!" and the pursue all leads, or they say, "LIfe is too short to chase after pie in the sky. I wanna have the best possible life right now, and leave it to others to galavant all over the world looking for coures."

I want him to choose pursuing the new ASCR treatments, of course, because I want the old Benj back, the Benj that picks his aunt up in a crushing bear hug every time we get together. But it's not my call.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is a tough situation. Youve done a lot of research already, maybe your nephew Benj, will have the chance to consider the research in a little while. It is amazing what you have found out. (Its not the first time i've heard of cutting edge treatments in Russia, although for completely different conditions.) Benj is lucky to have an aunt like you who's trying to find out if maybe there are ways to overcome the paralysis. (think if i were you i'd be wanting the same, it's completely understandable you wanting the old Benj back.) Sorry hope am not speaking out of turn, (really dont want to speak out of turn here.)


Christina Dunigan said...

You're not speaking out of turn at all, Sarah. Thanx again for all your kind support.