Thursday, September 20, 2007

Anniversary: "One of those fluky things."

Twenty-two-year-old Liliana Cortez underwent an abortion by Leo Kenneally at his Her Medical Clinic in Los Angeles on September 20, 1986. Other than having asthma, Liliana was in good health when she went for her abortion. After the procedure, she went into cardiac arrest. There was a 40-minute delay until the paramedics arrived to transport Liliana to a hospital. She died five days later.

Liliana's death was ruled a "therapeutic misadventure," which a coroner's spokesman called, "a nice medical term for a mistake."

An attorney for Her Medical Clinic said, "If something like this happened at a hospital ... people would just say it was bad luck, one of those fluky things. But ... all of a sudden they make it seem like these (abortion clinics) are terrible places where terrible things happen."

Yeah, there are lots of flukey things at Her Medical Clinic. The same year Liliana died, another young woman with asthma, Donna Heim, arrested and died during an abortion at Her Medical Clinic. The next year they failed to adequately resuscitate Michelle Thames, who also died.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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