Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ringing endorsements

What WE think of abortion - by the women who had them...

Sarah Giles expresses regret:
I had a general anaesthetic, but when I came round I was lying on a recliner chair surrounded by the other girls in the waiting room, many of them sobbing hysterically. It was like a scene from hell. There was pop music blasting out from the office, and the staff were chatting loudly, ignoring us. All I could think was: "Get me out of here."

Jenny Wltson says she has no regrets. But if she doesn't feel at all guilty, why does she have to justify it to herself two years later?
n my mind, it was not a proper baby yet so I didn't feel like I was killing something. Now, when I hear how babies can have a heartbeat at six weeks, it does upset me.

The procedure was done under general anaesthetic so I didn't feel a thing. I don't feel guilty, and I justify it by saying to myself that I only have one life and I can't give up my own happiness and dreams for the sake of a baby.

Sarah Fry expresses regrets:
No obstacles were put in my way, and the whole process was so incredibly quick and smooth that I never really had the chance to think if it was something I really wanted to go through with.

Varria Russellwhite expresses regrets:
I was given a pill and then a pessary the following day, which induced a miscarriage. I was not prepared for what followed. After eight hours I gave birth to a small but fully formed baby.

As I watched the nurse carry it away in a pool of blood, I felt so hollow at the waste of a life. I could clean the mess off me, but couldn't wash the guilt from my mind.

Sue Hulbert expresses regrets:
As the nurse explained how they would put me under anaesthetic while they sucked the baby out, I was shaking.

Seeing how distressed I was, she told me: "I'm going to give you an hour to have a think about whether you really want this."

I cried non-stop for that hour but I couldn't find the words to say no, so I went through with it.

When I came to, I felt devastated about what I had done and immediately regretted it. I went home with this aching, empty feeling.


One night, I wrote letters to my family and friends and took an overdose of antidepressants. But it wasn't enough - and the next day I was woken by the phone. It was Alan, who realised I could barely speak and called an ambulance.

With counselling,things gradually got better. Not a day goes by, though, when I don't regret my abortion.

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