Friday, September 12, 2008

Creating your own reality: The Palin "divorce scandal"

The Smoking Gun has the straight dope on the allegation that Sarah Palin was "the other woman" in a messy divorce:

Was Sarah Palin named as the other woman in a messy divorce action? Well, since Richter's September 3 motion ... was denied ..., his divorce filings remain open to the public. And a TSG review of the 98-page file shows that the Palins are only mentioned in Richter's sealing request. According to the filing, Richter wanted the documents deemed confidential in a bid to cloak details about his home, workplace, and phone numbers because "reporters and news agencies" were using that information to contact him. Richter, a 39-year-old contractor, noted that he is "friends and land owners in a remote cabin" with the Palins and, as a result, journalists were intruding on the "cabin life and private life" of him and his 11-year-old son.

So it turns out that the media created the entire thing by making the allegations then drawing false conclusions from one of their target's futile attempt to get a little privacy.

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