Thursday, September 18, 2008

Abortion Videos

For some reason, a search for "abortion videos" still only brings you to the post about the Spanish abortion videos, instead of to this post, with a plethora of videos to choose from.

I'll recap and add a few:

There is the Spanish abortion video with English subtitles. It's pretty graphic, including footage of a teenage patient expelling her dead baby, which the undercover investigator shows us.

Every place I know of in the US has the woman go alone into the bathroom and expel the dead baby in the toilet. Other than that, the process seems pretty much the same, right down to rubber-stamping the paperwork if the state has a requirement that there be some pretext of a health reason.

To purchase videos or DVDs of former abortion workers' testimonies, visit Meet the Abortion Providers.

Priests for Life has videos about how abortions are performed; you can see them here. These videos aren't particularly graphic; Father Pavone uses fetal models to demonstrate, with real abortion instruments, how fetuses of these ages are destroyed.

Suction abortion:

D&E (second trimester abortion):

Here is how D&X, intact D&E, Partial Birth Abortion, The Procedure Formerly Known as Prince, or whatever they're calling it now, is done:

He says it can be done "at any point in pregnancy" but I think he was trying to impress that it can be done even up until term; nobody's going to try this at less than 20 weeks, because the fetus is too fragile for the most part. You'll just end up doing a standard dismemberment abortion.

Martin Haskell, who popularized the procedure, said that often the baby "helps" -- his term, not mine -- the baby "helps" by wrapping her little arms and legs around the abortionist's hand, making it easier to hold her steady while jamming the blunt, curved Metzenbaum scissors into the base of her little skull.

Since the federal PBA ban was passed, abortionists who wanted an intact baby to show the parents started injecting digoxin -- the same drug used in lethal injections and considered "cruel" and "painful" when put into the veins of an anesthetized murderer -- directly into the baby's heart to kill it. This does carry with it a risk of infection and of getting the digoxin into the mother's blood stream, but I guess they've decided a riskier abortion is still better than a live baby.

You can view and read about a panel discussion about Carhart vs Gonzales, the "Partial Birth Abortion Ban" case.

There's a BBC programme about abortion that is staggering in its honesty. It includes graphic footage which the BBC got from a prolife source, but they got an abortion doctor to verify the accuracy of the footage.

What I find amazing is that in spite of presenting what abortion really is, showing very vividly what it really does to very real fetuses, the narrator speaks as if this hideous destruction is somehow really necessary. It's just an assumption that's never explained and never explored, despite decades of evidence that women will, if given support, get past the idea that abortion is necessary and will adjust well to pregnancy and motherhood -- even in cases where they'd actually undergone an abortion, but the abortion failed.

How about equal time? Here's a video for the abortion advocacy side, full of so many lies and distortions it boggles the mind.

Follow along with an old Frontline program about abortion. It follows two teenage abortion patients, and also shows some women who rejected abortion and were helped by a local prolife physician and his wife.

I also gathered a collection of music videos about abortion.

Here is an assessment of the records of George Tiller's late term abortions and the "health" justifications therefor. I have a more in-depth examination of the entire series of videos here. It all boils down to Tiller and his friend rubber-stamping all abortions as "necessary" in order to meet the letter of the law.

Here's a video of what the prolifers found in the dumpster behind Hodari's abortion mill:

A story of a young woman's experience at Hope Clinic for Women:

A nasty abortion clinic in New Jersey closes after they nearly kill a young woman:

Famous abortion video, "The Silent Scream", shows an ultrasound of what happens to the fetus during an actual abortion:

And here is a video showing the results of one safe, legal abortion:

Gianna Jessen on Sean Hannity:

And there are some very graphic abortion videos here.

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Kathy said...

I just googled "abortion videos" to see what came up, and this was the first "realchoice" hit. Maybe people are bypassing the first or second hit that comes up? Or maybe different search engines have different ones that come up?

Christina Dunigan said...

That's nice to know.

I click on the searches that brought people to my blog to check my competition, and usually it's the Spanish Abortion Video post.

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