Monday, September 29, 2008

Searches: Self-induced, deaths, Delhi Thweatt, and videos

Self-induced abortions remain a popular search. Here are summaries of some interesting sites about self-induced abortions. Here is my page of self-induced abortion deaths. You can also look at 19th Century Abortion Cases and Other Self-Injury, Self-induced abortions: 'Self-help' vs. self-harm, Coathanger abortions. They did happen. And they still happen, and Coathanger Abortion: Powerful image, but how true to life?

Here's eveything you need to know about 13-week fetuses and how they're aborted. And here are 18-week fetuses and 20-week fetuses.

If you want to know about death by abortion, I specialize in cataloging the maternal deaths. You can visit the Cemetery of Choice to see all of the deaths I've learned about. I have broken them down into women who died from infection, from mishaps with abortion anesthesia, from embolisms, and hemorrhage. There's also a search box at the top of the Cemetery of Choice if you're interested in something more specific.

Delhi Thweatt is the abortionist who performed the fatal abortion on Kelly Morse.

A great collection of abortion videos is here.

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