Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Tale of Two Fetuses

One of those fetuses who survived an abortion attempt speaks out on Obama:

That's gotta be as scary for Barak Obama as it was for Pat Schroeder: a fetus with attitude.

But Gianna was lucky. A nurse recognized her as a baby, not just a fetus ex-utero, and sent her to the NICU.

It is in the case of Ximenia Renearts that we more clearly see Obama's attitude in action. Ximenia's mother underwent an abortion, thought her fetus was dead, then showed up at a hospital in pain. The staff at the hospital elected to respect her choice, to refrain from further burdening her. They stuck the fetus in a bedpan. They left the fetus, cold and alone, in a closet. It wasn't until another hospital employee mistook the fetus for a baby that care was sought.

Ximenia's adoptive parents sued on her behalf, arguing that since she'd been born alive, she was a baby and entitled to care.

BC Minister of Health, Michelle Stewart, was dismissive of the issue of infants born live during abortions, commenting, "As you know, this Ministry is very much in favor of giving women choices about their reproductive health." British Columbia's Chief Coroner Larry Campbell included a letter in a report on such live births, and dismissed them as to be expected in abortion and therefore outside the purview of BC coroners, who only get involved if a death is "unexpected".

This is the stand Obama took. That providing care for babies like Ximenia was too much of a burden on the mother's choice.

If you're okay with that -- if you think that the wrongdoing was by the people who provided Ximenia with care, not by the ones who left her in a bedpan to die -- then by all means, vote for Barak Obama.

As for Ximenia herself, she is too profoundly disabled to speak out. About anything. Which is lucky for Obama. One less fetus with attitude to challenge his assertion that the proper thing to do with them is stick them in a closet and wait for them to die.


Anonymous said...

maybe if obama was married to a different woman his views might be completely different


Anonymous said...

No, I don't think that would be the case because I don't think any woman who believes in the sanctity of life would be able to marry someone who believes in infanticide...