Friday, September 26, 2008

Searches: Fetuses, embolisms, and more

Yay! Searching for "abortion videos" finally has started bringing people to the abortion videos post.

Eastern Women's Center is the den of quackery where Venus Ortiz, Dawn Mack, and Dawn Ravenelle all submitted to their fatal abortions.

Yes, whoever was searching, it is possible to identify the sex of a fetus at 13 weeks. There was also interest in fetuses at 18 and 20 weeks.

A bad vaginal smell after an abortion could be a sign of infection or bowel injury. Seek medical care!

Someone was interested in scarring after abortion.

If you want to know about death by abortion, I specialize in cataloging the maternal deaths. You can visit the Cemetery of Choice to see all of the deaths I've learned about. There's also a search box at the top of the page if you're interested in something more specific.

Somebody was interested in books about perinatal hospice, which is a way of providing comfort care to babies and their mothers and families in cases where there has been a fatal fetal diagnosis. I can't find any books on the topic.

Air embolism from abortion was another search. I have the following fatal cases: Laura France, Betty Ladel, Elizabeth Radcliffe, Sharonda Rowe, Rhonda Ruggiero, Barbara Lofrumento (suspected), Adelle Roe (suspected), Cindy Roe, and Gaylene Golden.

As for hospitals in Atlanta that do abortions, I'd not recommend any of them. Sara Niebel underwent her fatal abortion at Midtown Hospital in Atlanta. Midtown was a National Abortion Federation member facility that experienced numerous scandals pertaining to illegal late abortions and filthy, chaotic conditions. Jacqueline Reynolds died after an abortion at Grady Memorial in Atlanta. Allegra Roserberry's fatal abortion was performed at Emory Hospital in Atlanta.


Anonymous said...

I did a google search for abortion videos and it ends up your blog is number 26 in the search! :-) Also, later I'll see what I can find in prenatal hospice books or brocures.

Anonymous said...

Much on perinatal hospice and perinatal bereavement can be found at the following websites:
re-natal Hospice: A Gift of Time

Waiting with Love

Also, has a list of recommended books.

Christina Dunigan said...

Thanx. Here they are as links:

Pre-natal Hospice: A Gift of Time

Resources for Parents

Waiting with Love

Christina Dunigan said...

I really need to get my abortion videos post higher on the search engines. I think my post provides a very good selection.