Monday, September 15, 2008

"Nobody is pro-abortion" redux

Down Syndrome Families Brought Into Sharp Focus

Many parents also talk about how the phone never rings with invitations for a play date for their children or an offer to help carpool. Sometimes, they find themselves answering people who suggest that their child should never have been born.

That happened to Tia Marsili, 49, of Vienna while driving from her hometown in western Pennsylvania to Virginia Beach with her sister. The trip lasted six hours and was not without some fussing from Marsili's daughters, Sheridan and Skye. Both girls have Down syndrome. Sheridan's condition had come as a surprise after birth, but Marsili knew from prenatal testing that Skye would have Down syndrome.

"My sister looked at me and said, 'Why didn't you abort her?' " Marsili recalled. "I said, 'What? Because we love her, and she's my baby, and we love her!' 'But you knew,' my sister said. . . . It was pretty shocking. Even people that close to me."



Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, don't you love the promotion of diversity from the liberals and Democrats? Everyone is loved! Everyone is accepted! It doesn't matter the color of one's skin, or one's ethnic background, or who one chooses to have sex with, or any of those things! Except for people with a genetic disorder... and then, you're despised and wished dead.

Y'know, when the TV show "Life Goes On" was playing, there was quite a bit of positive hype about the family having a son with Down Syndrome, and it seemed to me at the time (as a teenager), that this was a big step forward, and also that it was right along the lines that liberals championed -- that it was one thing they got right. I remember thinking how good it was that our society had advanced so far from the way it was in the 50s or whenever, when children with disabilities or disorders tended to be put in institutions, away from the "normal" or "regular" children -- and parents were encouraged to leave their affected children and forget about them. And now, this socially accepted and even mandated abandonment has been replaced, not with acceptance (which the liberals preach, as long as it's acceptance of skin color or sexual preference), but with slaughter. So sad.


Christina Dunigan said...

"Diversity" -- as long as you don't make a liberal uncomfortable.