Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Three more reasons to vote for McCain

Three Facts About John McCain's Extreme Position on Choice

I'll re-post them, with comments:

1. John McCain is running on the Republican platform, which would ban all abortions - even in cases of rape and incest.

That is the Republican platform. Though what McCain has specifically promised is to nominate Supreme Court justices who don't invent new "rights" -- like the "right" to abortion -- out of "emanations from a penumbra". If it ain't in the Constitution, it ain't in the Constitution, and either learn to adjust or change the Constitution.

What does this mean for fans of abortion? That it'd go back to the states. Would this mean scores of coathanger-impaled women littering the emergency rooms of America? Hardly.

This is the same scare tactic the abortion lobby brings up every four years. Yawn.

2. John McCain voted to criminalize doctors who support women in their reproductive choices, even when a woman's health is at risk.

McCain has, not my knowledge, never voted to criminalize doctors.

What they're implying here is that McCain would make it a crime for doctors to do certain things. Which he no doubt would like to do. But it's already illegal for doctors to do certain things, like have sex with underage patients, commit fraud, etc. None of these laws "criminalize doctors". So enough with the overblown rhetoric already.

And enough with calling abortion "support[ing] women in their reproductive choices". Abortion is a choice made after the woman has already reproduced. (Get out your old biology textbooks if they're still laying around the house. Gamete meets gamete, make zygote. Reproduction has taken place.) They need to be honest and say that what they're talking about is prohibiting doctors from helping women impose death on their own offspring. That's not the same as interfering with any reproductive choice. Reproductive choices would include having sex, abstaining from sex, using an artificial contraceptive, not using an artificial contraceptive, using fertility awareness methods to increase or decrease the odds of conception, getting your tubes tied, having infertility treatments, choosing c-section or vaginal childbirth, choosing home birth or hospital birth, etc. A plethora of reproductive choices all untouched by any laws regarding the one choice abortion advocates focus on.

Then let's touch the specter of the woman's health being at risk. In what way would restricting abortion prevent doctors from doing what's in women's best health interests? Another cheap ploy. Having abortion readily available is nice for lazy doctors -- they don't have to help women with health problems during pregnancy. They can just refer them for an abortion and not be bothered. I'm not clear on how this helps women with health problems during pregnancy. Abortion isn't medical care for sick women. It's a way to avoid providing health care.

3. Since 1983, John McCain has voted 125 times against women's reproductive health choices.

Translated into English: Since 1983, John McCain has voted 125 times against the abortion lobby's wishes.

This is only bad news if you're in the abortion business. But very few of us either work in abortion facilities or for organizations that rely on the abortion agenda.

So, thank you,, for giving people who care about women and children three more reasons to vote McCain, and three more reasons to not trust you any further than we could spit a rat.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good arguments. You said the same things that I have been saying for years. Whenever the abortionists say "reproductive rights" or "reproductive choice" (or "health") we should always remind them that it is NOT about reproduction at all. Reproduction occurred weeks or months ago and is a done deal. What they actually mean are "destructive rights". The intellectual dishonesty of that movement is beyond pathetic. Every year they seem to slide ever further into mind-numbing drivel and doublespeak. It is clear that on a very deep level they know they are wrong and are afraid of the truth.

Thanks for arguing in favor of voting for McCain. I think the only way we can defeat the abortionist movement is to get large Republican majorities in the House and Senate (and hold the White House) and pass a federal statute to stop the killing of unborn children. If you agree, would you argue on your website from now until the election that everyone who cares about unborn children should vote only for Republican candidates for every office at every level? I am leaving messages everywhere that I can emphasizing this point. I really think it is the only way we have a chance to win.

Baby Keeper said...

Nice blog. I will come back to read more. I agree about reproductive rights.

Please check out the trailer for my new film, "The Other Side of the Glass. Finally, a film for fathers."

The newborn baby is subjected to horrible treatment that is considered normal ... people smile and go ahhhh while it happens.

Where is the rage for this treatment?

I'll be back to read more on your blog, but for now I am busy finishing my film.

Thank you.

Christina Dunigan said...

I've had it explained to me that the logic behind calling abortion a "reproductive right" is that it has to do with one's reproductive organs.

In which case, I pointed out, the gas chamber could just as legitimately be called a "respiratory care facility" since it deals with the respiratory system.

Anonymous said...

The film Baby Keeper mentioned is worth watching (but then, I'm a birth junkie who dislikes hospital protocols, so of course I'd think that!). :-)

Granny, on YouTube, check out the videos by "machosauceproduction" -- you'll like them. Here is the url for one (, which goes hand-in-hand with a lot of the political stuff you've been putting on lately; he also has one specifically devoted to abortion which I think you'll like as well.

Happy viewing!