Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Searches: A motley assortment

  • ureter damage in surgery: Here are some cases of ureter damage by abortionists, during abortions and other surgery.

  • Lime 5: Read the story of how it all came about here.

  • Linda Boom: Wisconsin woman who died during an abortion she was having because her baby had Down syndrome.

  • Abortion video: Here is a collection.

  • Doctor's accident deaths at Emory crawford long: Allegra Roseberry died from an abortion performed at Emory Crawford Long. She'd been falsely told that her baby was "doomed" and that she'd be excluded from a cancer treatment program if she didn't abort.

  • "john hamilton" oklahoma city murder: John Baxter Hamilton (pictured) is an abortionist who was convicted of the Valentine's Day murder of his wife.

  • how do you abort a 20 week baby: Here is everything you'd want to know -- and then some.

  • coffee table book about down syndrome: Band of Angels produces a beautiful coffee table book, Common Threads, available in hard or soft cover. (I recommend the hard cover! This book is too beautiful to go for anything but the very best!) If you run any sort of a business that has a waiting room, leaving this book for customers to explore will go a long way toward reducing the misconceptions and prejudice.

  • Dennis Miller abortion: You're probably seeking the opinions of the famous Dennis Miller. He's pretty outspoken and clueless. But there is also Dr. Dennis Miller, responsible for the death of Erna Fisher in 1988.

  • Reasons to vote for McCain: Because abortion fanatics hate him, for starters.
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