Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where the press could be going with the Gianna Jessen ads

Dear Members of the Press:

Have you seen the new ads by abortion survivor Gianna Jessen?

They provide a perfect opportunity to do a bit of a background check on the abortionist who signed her birth certificate: Edward "Fast Eddie" Allred. He's been dubbed "Fast Eddie" because he claims credit for inventing the assembly-line abortion. A supporter said Allred "did for abortions what Ray Kroc did for hamburgers."

Allred runs the largest chain of for-profit abortion mills in the world, Family Planning Associates Medical Group. I know of a dozen abortion patients who have died at Allred's facilities. In a deposition for the Deanna Bell case, Allred admitted that he has never done a preventability assessment after a patient death to figure out what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again.

In spite of all this, Allred's FPA remains a member in good standing of the National Abortion Federation -- a group that promises "safe" abortionists with "highest standards". Sort of an Underwriters Laboratory for abortion. Or a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

This could really be big, because even prochoicers are outraged when they find out what kinds of quacks NAF refers women to with bland assurances of safety. Remember that guy back in 1992 who ripped the arm off a 32-week baby during a botched abortion attempt? (And now we're back to born-alive infants! See? It comes full circle!) HE was a NAF member!

You have a responsibility to the public that ought not to be left to bloggers. Get out the truth about live births from abortions, about Obama's stand (ignorance or evil?), about Fast Eddie, and about the National Abortion Federation's tolerance of quackery.

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