Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Abortion in the 1940s updated & other searches

A lot of searchers come looking for Abortion in the 1940s. I've added more deaths I've uncovered, with a bit of information indicating how reliable my source is and who was blamed for fatal abortions.

People were looking for abortionists Steve Lichtenberg (responsible for the death of 13-year-old Deanna Bell) and Abu Hayat (who ripped the arm off Ana Rosa Rodriguez (pictured) trying to abort her at 32 weeks). Abortionist John Baxter Hamilton's Valentine's Day murder of his wife remains a popular search.

The search for abortion videos still isn't taking people to the right post!

Folks wanted Kris Humphrey, who did herself in when trying to kill her baby with pennyroyal.

Others wanted Sandra Cano, who was "Jane Doe" in Doe vs. Bolton. Cano never wanted an abortion; she wanted custody of her kids in a messy divorce. But her lawyer slipped a document in for her to sign that ended up going to the Supreme Court and getting "health" defined so broadly with regard to abortion that heartburn, not wanting to get up to pee so often during your kid's Little League playoffs, or storm damage to your house would meet the test.

Somebody was looking for "abortion mentally disabled". Both Diane Boyd and Christin Gilbert (pictured) were mentally disabled 19-year-old rape victims brought for abortions by their families. Both died as a result.

Several similar searches brought folks here. Let me reiterate: There's no such thing as a self-induced miscarriage. If you're inducing it, it's an abortion. Though it may be either "self help" or self harm. And, in the same vein, searches for "coathanger abortions".

I have a post of abortion songs. Not the most upbeat bunch of ditties. Gosh, you'd think they would be! What's more liberating, and thus more worthy of joy and celebration, than an abortion?

Then there's 14 week abortion, 18 week fetus, and 20 week abortion.

Last but not least, deaths from abortions. All gathered in one place, with a handy search box. If you don't find what you're looking for, just ask.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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Anonymous said...


I just wondered how widespread and readily available abortions were in the 1940s in the UK, also if there is any way to check medical records/history?

I understand that obviously they are covered by the Data Protection Act, but just wanted a general idea.

Many thanks,


Christina Dunigan said...

I'd say to start in two places -- Marie Stopes and whatever organization is the British equivalent of the Centers for Disease Control, overseeing public healt stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thank you GG, I'll give that a try.


Anonymous said...
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