Sunday, September 28, 2008

Searches: Teens, Chicago, and more

Somebody was looking for teenage abortion death stories. Here are the ones I have. For some non-fatal stories about teens and abortion, see Parental Involvement Won't Fix This, Cutting to the Chase: Underage Pregnancy, Finally Taking It Seriously, Parents: Choose Your Risk, Audio of woman's testimony about coerced illegal abortion, Abortion Survivor Lauren Pulliam (pictured, born of a teen mother), No Hope for Raped Teen at Hope Clinic, and Not Surprising.

Somebody wanted "abortions in Chicago". I'll give you the first ten stories that come up in my internal search engine at RealChoice: Chicago, 1928: Abortionist Sentenced to Die, Abortionist Arnold Bickham, Diane Smith, Sharon Floyd, Kate Radochouski, Lauretta Schranz, Bridget Masterson, Lottie Lowy, Mary Morehead, and Elizabeth Welter. If you want more, hop over and do a search. There are a lot more.

Somebody searched for "nurse Chicago baby born alive". They're probably looking for Jill Stanek.

I have a top-notch collection of abortion videos here.

I don't know why somebody wanted to find "August 20, 1880". What I have on that date is the death of M. Faulkner from a Chicago abortion.

For more about 13-week fetuses, see here.

About "third trimester abortions" -- I found, to my surprise, this mysterious snippet that says, "Reporting Errors Inflate Third-Trimester Abortion Rate in Georgia; True Rate is Four per 100,000". Not all third-trimester abortions are intentional. On the other hand, William Waddill (pictured) knew Mary W. was at least 28 weeks pregnant when he started the abortion that led to the birth (and subsequent strangling) of Baby W. Ana Rosa Rodriguez was well into the third-trimester when Abu Hayat ripped her arm off in an abortion attempt. Abortionist Douglas Karpan initiated a third-trimester abortion on a teen who changed her mind. Teen Denise Montoya died from complications of a third-trimester abortion. Other mothers who died from botched third-trimester abortions include Lou Anne Herron, and Magdalena Rodriguez. Second and third trimester abortion images are available here. A chiropractor in Florida got caught doing a third-trimester abortion on a teenager. Seedy abortionist Steve Brigham did at least one third-trimester abortion in his New York office. Here are my reflections on how Tiller's staff determine if a third-trimester fetus is viable or not. You can read about Midtown Hospital's third-trimester abortion scandal. And you can look here at claims that such abortions are only done for health reasons. This is not a comprehensive set of information, just a sampling. If you want more, let me know.

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