Tuesday, September 16, 2008

People wishing Gianna Jessen was dead

Anybody with a conscience will be sickened by the comments at Obama's abortion record under fire in latest independent ad. People are looking at this young woman, left with cerebral palsy after surviving an attempt to kill her in an abortion, and all they can say is how they are for the CHOICE to have Gianna killed.

They are saying flat out that Gianna should be dead.

What kind of freaking hateful monster can look at that girl and be angry that she's alive?

And they don't have the sense to be ashamed of how filled with hate they are.

This isn't some fetus hidden away in the womb. This is a young woman. And the supposedly pro-women people HATE her and want her to be dead.

THIS is "the face of Pro Choice America". Hate. Hate for anybody who stands in the way of them getting the dead fetus they personally want.

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1 comment:

WKen said...

You know, after the Values Voter Debate last year, I really wanted to hear Rudy Giuliani answer Teresa Ippolito (another abortion survivor) and her question about whether he really thought she should be killed.

And the comments about Trig Palin.

I can't look at this without tears in my eyes, because I know that for every abortion survivor, there are MILLIONS of people, every bit as wonderful, whose lives were snuffed out.