Friday, July 07, 2006

Blog/Web Roundup: What is right-wing, protesters, stem cells, etc.

Y Safle asks Why is Pro Life Considered Right Wing?, revealing a misunderstanding of what the American political Right is about. It's not that "generation of wealth is the greatest good". Rather, prosperity brings goods such as health and leisure time, and prosperity can only be promoted by allowing people to keep what they produce. Still, the entire post is a refreshing departure from the usual "Oh, mommy, I am so happy here in your tummy!" from the prolife and "It's MY FREAKING RIGHT GODDAMMIT!!!" from the prochoice.


1 Man 1 Cat 0 Mission is sick of seeing abortion protesters outside the local death mill. If he was the one slated for death I think he'd be less annoyed by the presence of people trying to stop the killing.


Feministe ponders The Stem Cell Moral Dilemma.

To which I say: There'd be no moral dilemma -- and there'd be a lot more cures -- if researchers would stick with the proven track record of adult stem cells. Adult stem cell treatments are producing cures. Embryonic stem cell treatments are producing dead mice. But, you see, researchers can't patent treatments using adult stem cells, so there's not as much potential to get filthy rich from other people's desperation. So those whose motives are less cure-oriented and more wealth-oriented zero in on what they can patent, rather than what is most likely to benefit the patient.

Why is it that the only good greedy capitalist is a greedy capitalist who wants to get rich from patenting embryonic stem cell treatments? Never mind that they are raising false hopes and steering people away from real treatments currently available! They're gutting embryos! So they must be good guys!

The post also rambles with a lot of the usual misunderstanding (or deliberate mischaracterization) of what prolifers stand for, but since there's nothing new there it can be safely ignored, I think.


What is a Human Right Anyway ponders 100 million women and girls missing:
Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen has calculated that there are more than 100 million women and girls missing from the world demographic today due to abortion of female foetuses, female infanticide and malnutrition and neglect of girls.

It's -- What's the right term to use here? Ironic? Poetic justice? -- It's interesting that abortion, touted as some great good for women, is used to target females for extermination. And it's also interesting that mainstream feminist and "prochoice" organizations look the other way.


It's easier to get an abortion than an aspirin
Public schools require permits, doctor's permission and written consent from parents to give a Tylenol to a student. It's much easier for an eighth-grader to get an abortion.

All it took last year for a 14-year-old "Jane Roe" was a cell phone number. A staffer at a local Planned Parenthood clinic called the number and got permission - from a 21-year-old man who was molesting the girl and coerced her into an abortion.

The man, now in prison, pretended to be her father on the phone, then posed as her brother at the clinic. He paid with his credit card, and had the girl injected with Depo-Provera birth control, so he could resume having sex with her three days later.

The attorney for the girl's family also alleges that the girl never met with a doctor and wasn't given information about the abortion surgery or its risks. Planned Parenthood just vacuumed the girl out and sent her home with her abuser.

Planned Parenthood claimed that hey, they can't be responsible for failing to see through a charade. But the clerks at convenience stores are expected to spot fake IDs and to refuse to sell booze and cigarettes to underage customers. Is Planned Parenthood really embracing a good strategy, to claim that their trained and highly professional staff can spend hours with a girl and not spot a ploy that any 7-11 clerk would be expected to thwart in the thirty seconds it takes to try to buy cigarettes?

HT: Adam's Blog


Crisis Pregnancy Centers: A choice, not an echo looks at the latest re-aminmation of the Evil CPC Zombie. (Why is it that the abortion industry trots out this particular bogeyman the way an angler will trot out stories about the one that got away? It just reveals them for the lying slimebags that they are.)

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