Monday, July 10, 2006

Two tragic anniversaries

Virginia Wolfe, age 33, went to Methodist Women's and Children's Hospital on July 6, 1998, to have an abortion performed by Dr. Lillian Jones. Jones performed a suction abortion. During the procedure, she punctured Virginia's uterus and bladder.

Virginia suffered massive hemorrhage, losing so much blood that her heart stopped.

Doctors repaired her bladder and removed her uterus, but Virginia's brain had already been damaged by the lack of oxygen. Virginia was pronounced dead on July 10, 1998.


On this date in 1926, Edith Green, age 20, died of complications from an illegal abortion performed by Dr. Thomas E. Walsh. To evade responsibility, Walsh dismembered his young victim and disposed of her body. It would be discovered by a laborer on his way to work, three days later.

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