Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Roundup: Unsafe Haven, Wheel of Fortune, Font of Compassion, and Jesus' Silence

Unsafe haven

A mother dropped her baby off under a Safe Haven law -- then got prosecuted because the child tested positive to exposure to marijuana and cocaine.

Comments are running strong against the sheriff, on the grounds that the woman obviously realized she was unfit and was trying to do right by the child by placing him in more able hands. I'd tend to agree.


Tonight's Wheel of Fortune features soap opera stars winning money for charity. Usually the celebrities choose non-controversial charities, such as afterschool sports programs for inner city kids, Make A Wish, etc.

But one of tonight's soap opera stars chose a Planned Parenthood as her charity.

That's just fingernails on a chalkboard. The other stars were playing for a dance program for inner city kids and a library for a school. Nice, uncontroversial charities that work to make kids' lives better.

Why did that .... uniquely challenging individual have to choose an organization that is at best highly controversial? Even if you don't consider PP outright evil, you have to admit that choosing it as your celebrity charity is drawing the show needlessly into hot ground.

If she loves PP so much, let her give them money out of her own pocket, and choose something like Big Brothers or Boys and Girls' Clubs as her celebrity charity. She has to know she's spitting in the eyes of half the viewers by choosing a charity they'd rather see abolished..

And no, I'd not be okay with a celebrity choosing, say, National Right to Life or any other equally controversial charity. Wheel of Fortune is not the venue for making political statements.


We can file Pesky Apostrophe under "Font of Compassion." She has nothing but snarky contempt for post-abortion women. Don't go to work for a suicide hotline, Pesky.


Random Brown is having some fun with "Jesus never said anything about homosexuality or abortion".

Note to leftists: Jesus never said squat about child molestation, arson, or rape either. And he really stayed away from sexual harassment and second-hand smoke. Since you assume Jesus' silence equalled approval regarding abortion and homosexuality, shall we also assume He was cool with child molesting, arson, rape, sexual harassment, and breathing your stinky cigarette smoke into other people's faces?

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