Saturday, July 08, 2006

Why aren't all the accomplices in prison?

Operation Rescue asks, Why is Mom in Jail and Abortionist is Not? But more people are guilty than just the mom and the abortionist.

The stepfather of two Kansas girls got the children pregnant -- four times. One pregnancy was aborted, the others resulted in live births. One of the girls gave birth to twins on her 12th birthday.

The stepfather is now in prison. The mother, who looked the other way, will do 14 months.

But what of everybody else who looked the other way? The teachers? The ob/gyn staff? And yes, the abortionist?

This is what happens when we hypersexualized our children, to the point where people simply look the other way when a pregnant 11-year-old shows up for school every day. Nobody bothers to investigate. They assume that an 11-year-old girl has a right to "privacy." As if an 11-year-old girl could possibly have the maturity to consent to sex.

Every adult in those kids' lives failed them. Because they believed that children have a "right" to sex, rather than a right to be protected from abuse.

Every adult in those kids' lives belongs in jail.

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