Monday, July 17, 2006

RE: Flip and the empty building

I've noticed that prochoicers are blogging with great scorn about Flip Benham leading what they thought was a "protest" against an empty building.

Flip & company referred to "storming the gates of Hell" which meant that they were there to act against demons, not against people. Therefore the fact that the building had no people in it was irrelevant. They were launching a prayer attack against what's called a "stronghold," meaning a place (this can be a physical place like a building, or a metaphysical place such as an area of a person's life or an aspect of a culture) where a demon or demons has been given leave by people to operate. In this case, the "stronghold" was the physical plant of the abortion facility. Since the goal is to close the clinic, knocking out the "strongholds" would further that goal by keeping demons from operating within the clinic and allowing prayer within the building to be more efficacious because of lack of demonic interference.

It's a concept called "spiritual warfare."


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