Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Roundup: Baby gasped for air, media bias, death threats, etc.

News from Oz: Premature baby 'gasped for air' after surviving an attempted abortion. The child was given no medical intervention and died after transfer to a hospital.


Remember how I mentioned three former abortion clinics that I knew of that had been converted to prolife premises? Remember how one of those former abortion facilities, Central Women's Services, had been evicted after prolifers bought the building? Well, that's evidently a new trend: New Tactic in Abortion-Foe Fight: Evicting Clinics.

But this is turning out to be a media bias story:

1. Notice that it wasn't "New Tactic in Abortion Fight." It was "New Tactic in Abortion-Foe Fight." They had to get a negative spin into the headline.

2. Despite the alarming tone -- "Oh! Those horrible antiabortionists are just buying up buildings and evicting the clinics! Oh whatever are we to do!" -- the writer bent over backward subsequently to downplay Operation Rescue's role in the closing of the facility. "They were gonna close anyway because nobody wanted to work there." Prolifers: Smart and dangerous, but completely ineffectual. Make up your minds! Which are we?

3. The next example of those horrible antiabortionists evicting a hapless provider was the attempt to evict LeRoy Carhart, who managed to sue and buy the building himself. We're not seeing much of a trend here, are we? The article indicates vaguely that them abortion-foes are trying to buy out the buildings and evict the clinics, but them savvy abortion providers have outflanked them and formed an organization to buy buildings themselves. No data on what, if any, buildings prolifers attempted to buy, only to be thwarted. I'd guess it's because Carhart's building is the only one.

4. Mention gets made of the National Memorial for the Unborn in Chattanooga, and of a CPC that moved into a building that an abortion clinic had already vacated on its own. Again, where's this alarming new trend of evicting abortion facilities?


And yes, it seems things are escalating: South Dakota Abortion-Ban Backers Harassed. Specifically, they're getting phone and e-mail death threats.


The CPC attackers are out in force. I'm not going to link to any of them because they don't deserve the publicity. Why do people get so hateful about offering women a chance to opt out of abortion? Why is it the single thing that just starts the spittle flying, the veins popping, the vocal chords cracking? I'd guess it's because every woman who changes her mind is, at some level, proof that one's own abortion may not have been necessary after all. And that's just an intolerable thought.

And the claims that the CPCs are "lying" are so clearly bogus as to be laughable. The CPCs are just presenting research that abortion advocates wish with all their souls had never been done. Research that abortion advocates hate with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns because if it's true, they've been hurting people. And they don't want to admit that it's even remotely possible that they've been wrong. So instead they scream, "LIAR! LIAR! LIAR!" Projection, in a nutshell.

BTW, the CPC attacks are the thing that probably set me off the worst. It's so clearly a matter of wanting the only choice to be abortion, being angry that some women have children to love while the haters have only a memory of climbing on the abortion table. The attack on CPSs is the single most hateful thing that abortion advocates do, because they're pointing at every child alive today because the child's mother got help, and screaming how wrong it is that these children are alive. This is looking at BORN CHILDREN and wishing them dead. How much more hateful can you get, than to look at somebody else's beloved child and be screaming that the child should have been aborted? Children LIKE MY SON. Thanks for wishing my son dead, you hateful, spiteful, bitches! Because that's what you're wishing when you want to deny women help avoiding abortion. You're wishing MY SON DEAD.

At any rate, looking at all the, "How DARE those people have helped those women!!!!!" spittle has really stressed me. Prayers would be appreciated.

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