Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It never ends: The survivors

My focus is usually on the women who die as a result of their abortions. Today I'm going to do something a little different. I'm going to show you how surviving the abortion doesn't mean that the woman is home free.

Ashli submitted to a 14-week abortion due to debilitating maternal illness. Until she recently went on sabbatical, she blogged at The S.I.C.L.E. Cell (Self-Imposed Child-Loss Experience).

Reading Ashli's entries, seeing that her pain didn't abate as time passed, brings home the suffering of a grieving mother in a way hearing a two-minute "testimony" or reading a single-page summary just can't.

I went through Ashli's blog yesterday, pulling out the entries where she was most eloquent. Here they are:

And there's her poetry: Too Much.

One woman suffering the way Ashli is suffering is one too many. Multiply that by the women of Silent No More, Women Exploited by Abortion, American Victims of Abortion, Rachel's Vineyard....

It's not just about the babies for the activists. It's about mothers, women sometimes weeping until they vomit, women who sometimes can't stand the anguish any more and take their own lives. It's about women learning too late that for them, it really was about the baby after all.

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