Monday, July 10, 2006

And they wonder why we think they worship death

I've been doing blog searches, and found a snotty response to my "Who's Putting the Unborn Ahead of the Born?" This uniquely challenging individual, Sarah, got all snarky about how "All surgery has risks." As if that makes it okay to run a filthy clinic where there's no emergency equipment! As if that somehow justifies leaving an injured woman with no medical supervision while you run to the airport. As if that justifies shoving a hemorrhaging teenager out the door to die. As if that justifies any of the behavior abortionists indulge in without raising a single prochoice eyebrow.

The Sarahs of the world pretend it's all about the woman, but here Sarah is, making it plain that death is all she cares about. She wants that fetus dead, and if the mother dies as well, hey, "All surgery has risks." As if all surgery is performed by quacks who leave patients unattended to bleed to death or to choke on their own vomit.

After reading the blithe indifference of the likes of Sarah and company, I'm starting to become convinced that aside from the occasional exception like achromic, prochoicers are the ones who really believe that aborting women are just evil sluts who deserve to die. They must think this, because they don't want seedy abortion mills shut down. They want them open for business, ensuring "access" to death, for mother as well as for the fetus. As long as somebody dies, all is well. A dead mother is a two-fer. One less welfare queen, I guess. One less piece of white trash cluttering up the trailer park.

I bet Sarah would change her tune if her next abortion was at one of those seedy abortion mills. I bet if she was the one crying out in agony as some quack pulled her bowel out through her vagina, she'd not be grateful toward the person telling her to shut up and stop scaring the other patients. I bet if she was the one gasping out her last breath, bleeding out on the dirty cot, grasping at the passing staff and begging for help, she'd not be really appreciative if somebody told her to be thankful for "access" and to just accept that "All surgery has risks."

Her head would come out of the sand real quick if she was the one suffering. But as long as it's minority women and poor white trash, Sarah and others like her can afford not to care.

And they wonder why we think they worship death.

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