Monday, July 10, 2006

Need faith in humanity restored

Reading the words of hardcore abortion supporters has really undermined my faith in humanity. Between the attitude that it's better than to let women die than to concede an inch to prolifers, and Tialoc's wish that the little Chinese baby had been put to death rather than placed in an adoptive home, I'm really beginning to agree with David Byrne's comment that "Nuclear weapons can wipe out life on earth, if used properly."

I'm clinging to two stories right now:

1. The way the Pepsi company notified Coke about the attempt to sell them trade secrets.
2. A story of a local man who woke everybody in his apartment building, alerting them to a fire and saving their lives. This man remained in a burning building to make sure his neighbors got out okay!

But there's not a whole lot else.

Does anybody else have heartening news about people displaying basic decency? Such stories aren't usually considered newsworthy but surely they're out there somewhere.

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