Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Roundup: "Family Planning" in China, Firebomb or Lamp? And more

Well, at least the LA Times is noticing what is being done in China in the name of "family planning" -- China's One-Child Problem:
When a self-taught lawyer and activist named Chen Guangcheng went public with reports of forced abortions and other abuses by family-planning officials in China's Shandong province, he became a local hero.

.... Roughly a year later, despite international pressure, widespread support from lawyers and an acknowledgment from national officials that many of his disclosures were accurate, the 35-year-old Chen remains in custody.


On Monday, the blind activist's wife was interrogated and one of his supporters beaten, the latest in a series of moves apparently designed to intimidate and punish Chen for exposing forced abortions and sterilization under China's one-child campaign, one of his lawyers said.

Chen, villagers and his lawyers say tens of thousands of women and men were subjected to forced abortions and obligatory sterilization in and around Linyi, a municipal area with about 10 million people, in order to meet stringent quotas under the one-child campaign.

Read the whole story for more details.


I'm not sure I'm buying this one: Woman says her motives mistaken in abortion clinic incident

The cops say it was a Molotov cocktail. The woman says it was a "memorial lamp" to commemorate her sister's abortion.

I'd like to see the item in question. But wouldn't she have stuck around and prayed or something if she was lighting a memorial lamp?


Ten pages of search on Technorati found not a single worthwhile blog entry on abortion. I used to be able to find one or two per page of search results. I gave up and turned to Google Blog Search.


Jo's Journal says, Break the Abortion Taboo. She thinks that shameless boasting about lack of regret will win over the public. I told her to go for it. Go ahead and tell the public that many aborting women are shallow, conscienceless creatures who can slay their own children without a qualm. Then stand her and her friends next to the Silent No More women. Which women are more likely to win people over?

More lack of consciences is displayed at women of color blog. Sorry, cache, but anybody who can look at the shredded remains of an aborted fetus with satisfaction of a job well done could also look at Buchenwald and praise the Nazis for their efficiency. Have a conscience, for the love of humanity! Tearing the arms and legs off babies isn't nice! How can you fail to grasp something that obvious?


California High School Conservative blogs, Planned Parenthood Official: Abortion Decline "dismaying". Well, duh! Any business will be dismayed at a drop in their customer base.


Michael J.W. Stickings, in The Abortion Wedge, regurgitates some disproven abortion-advocacy assumptions (such as the idea that pushing contraception reduces abortion), but nevertheless brings some fresh air into the room:
What would it do to the Republicans if the Democrats put reducing the number of abortions in this country into the Party platform (without changing the language on choice of course, but in addition to it)? It would be devastating to the Republicans and would energize people like the woman who called in to David’s show. If done right, it could turn abortion into a unifying issue for the Democrats and neutralize the Republicans’ favorite perennial wedge. That kind of payoff is certainly worth taking a look at.


I’m not particularly concerned with reducing the number of abortions per se, but I am interested in providing women with more choices, and by doing that, those who are concerned with reducing the number of abortions would get what they want as well. We may not have the same reasons for addressing the underlying factors that contribute to abortion, but we can still come up with a plan that we can all get behind.

Okay, some of his suggestions have been proven to increase, not decrease abortions, but he is wanting to find areas of common ground and he's not in the "If prolifers want it, we must fight tooth and nail against it" mindset many abortion advocates embrace.

I've also suggested that perhaps the Democrats could address the issue of seedy abortion mills. That would give the prochoice Dems some credibility among prolife Dems. Just a gesture to show that women's lives really do matter would be nice, a refreshing change from "All else must be sacrificed in the name of immediate access."


File this one under "emetics": VirtueOnline, in Episcopal Church still pro-abortion quotes a church document that could have been penned by Satan himself:
You, and no one else, are 'called' to figure out what this unwanted pregnancy is about. And you are to do it without guilt or shame... You are to claim your godlike, God-given role in creation by saying yes or no, secure in the knowledge that whatever you decide, after having honestly sought what is right, God will bless.

For anybody who actually professes Christianity, this is on a par with sacrificing virgins on the altar as part of Easter services.

The Bible condemns the shedding of innocent blood. And it takes a very dim view on leading others to sin. If drafting a demonic creed like that can't land you in Hell, nothing can.

This is not to say that they can't repent -- but they'd better get moving on it. Encouraging believers to sacrifice their children to Molech isn't a very wise spiritual move, especially not when you're presenting it as a way to win God's blessing. I literally can not believe that the people who drafted that document are actually Christians. I think that they are pagans who have infiltrated the Episcopalian church in order to destroy it from within.

The whole "godlike" think is what got Lucifer cast out of heaven, people!

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