Saturday, July 15, 2006

Roundup du Jour

Former abortion clinic 'resurrected' as Catholic chapel: This in a suburb of Buffalo. As is typical in these cases, there's a memorial to the unborn on the premises. I know of Central Women's Services in Wichita, which is being turned into a memorial site/Operation Rescue office, and Chattanooga Women's Clinic, the Lime 5 clinic, which is now the National Memorial for the Unborn.

Does anybody know of any other former abortion facilities that have been taken over by prolifers?

HT: Birth Story


Lean Left blogs on How Not to Debate Abortion. He takes the view that the prochoice stand is self-evidently true, but nevertheless chastizes KTK for painting prolifers with a broad brush and for being rude and condescending.

Ten of ten for calling for civility. But we're not prolife because we've just not heard the prochoice stand put forth coherently. We're prolife because abortion is as self-evidently wrong to us as it seems self-evidently acceptable to him.


Mirror of Justice looks at Abortion and Disability Rights. Are fetal indications abortions actually a winning focus for prolifers? I think so, since these abortions aren't about women deciding they don't want to be pregnant, but about looking at a particular fetus -- with all his arms, legs, organs, etc., -- and deciding that his life just isn't worth living. This is the kind of prejudice that the left deplores when it's aimed at born people, so it puts them in an untenable place when they're advocating it in-utero, especially since most of these abortions take place after the first trimester (and sometimes in the third trimester), when even many prochoicers recognize that abortion is killing a baby, not just removing tissue.

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