Saturday, November 04, 2006

FDA open to comment on using aborted babies for vaccines

Abortion Pundit has more information.

This is an issue not only of life, but of choice. Since most vaccinations are mandatory to get your kids into day care, school, etc., it's a horrendous struggle for parents who have moral objections to having vaccines deprived from killed babies injected into their kids' bodies. Those of you who don't object to the use of aborted fetal tissue lines per se might consider at least supporting the right of other people to reject fetal tissue-derived vaccines for their own children. A comment that supports informed consent, and an easy opt-out system for parents who don't want their kids injected with objectionable vaccines, would be greatly appreciated.

Here's what I commented:
The preferred course of action would be to refrain from using any tissue lines obtained from aborted babies. To those of us who recognize new human life from conception, using tissue from aborted babies is as morally repugnant as using tissue from the victims of Nazi 'medical experiments.' There are other options available that are not morally troublesome. These should be utilized, and the morally problematic vaccines dropped entirely. If the FDA persists in permitting these cannibalized-tissue vaccines to be produced, the bare, bare minimum you owe citizens is informed consent and an easy opt-out. Parents have the right to know that tissue from cannibalized fetuses is about to be injected into their children's bodies, just as they'd have the right to know that organs intended for transplant were obtained by killing a political prisoner in China. And parents need to have the right to reject these morally repugnant vaccines, without being questioned and without having to jump through bureaucratic hoops. Physicians or other health professionals should be required to inform patients and parents, clearly and in writing, that a vaccine was created from an abortion victim, and alternative vaccines should be readily available.

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