Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sweet Home Alabama

Abortion clinic cited for violating 10 state laws
Yet another Alabama abortion clinic is in trouble.

Alabama Women's Center for Reproductive Alternatives was cited for violations including:

  • Routing patient calls for aftercare to an administrator rather than to a doctor
  • Routinely failing to document gestational age
  • Patients sent home after less than 20 minutes in recovery ("You've had your juice and cookies -- now scram!")

    Rick Harris of the Bureau of Health Provider Standards said the failure to keep mandatory records, "indicates a kind of sloppiness."

    "It makes you wonder, what else are they failing to document?" Harris told reporters. "It's not a sign of bad care, but it's an indicator."

    The clinic has submitted a plan of correction and hence will in all likelihood remain open for business.

    The unannounced inspection, performed on October 5, was the clinic's first inspection since April of 2001.
    Abortion supporters say the current system is working fine.

    Yeah, they only killed Leigh Ann Alford and gave RU-486 to a woman with a full-term pregnancy. No problems!

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