Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Call for information: Christelle Morrison

I've found Christelle Morrison mentioned on several sites as an abortion survivor. All the stories indicate the same thing: That on a winter night (some specify November 14, 1979), somebody found an abandoned 28-week, 2-pound baby girl in a field in rural Nevada, and that the baby was adopted by one of the NICU nurses that had cared for her.

But I've not been able to track down the information that led Susan to believe that Christelle had been aborted, rather than just born prematurely. Was she saline-scarred? Marks of instrumentation? Does anybody know how to contact either Susan or Christelle? Or any source materials?

I'd intended to blog on Christelle today as an abortion survivor but I can't verify that she was one.

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Unknown said...

Hi Christina,

I attended high school with Christelle. I can verify that she was a failed abortion attempt.

I am trying to reconnect with her and some others from highschool and came across your blog question.

If you still have interest in the topic, you can reach me.