Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Watching the elections from half a world away

It's frustrating, because y'all back home can sit up with your cocoa and watch the results come in. Whereas I'm gonna have to leave for work not knowing what the heck happened! And expats tend to be very, very liberal so if there's any comments made at work it's gonna be about how they hope that the Democrats regain power.

Not that I have any overpowering enthusiasm for Republicans, but at least by and large Republicans prefer killing people who are trying to blow us up, whereas by and large Democrats prefer killing people who are trying to gestate. Who's the bigger threat? To the Dems, it's the dreaded Fetus Scourge! The the Repubs, it's suicide bombers. Guess which party's gonna seem less repulsive to me. And I mean it when I say, "Less repulsive." So don't go telling me what a bunch of jerks the Republicans are because I already know it. I'm disgusted with both sides, but we have what's in effect a two-party system and the choice, for me, is between those who want to kill fetuses and those who want to kill terrorists, which to me is a no-brainer.

Every freaking election is so depressing. It's like, "Should we break your left kneecap, or your right kneecap?" Choose the lesser of two evils. Ug. I hate it but it beats the alternatives that are out there.

For me, the primary area of interest is, "What went down in South Dakota?" Is it going to be continued slogging it out in the courts? Or is it going to be Planned Parenthood dancing gaily around hooting that South Dakota, for all its conservatism, "Heartily endorsed Roe vs. Wade!" Which is how they'll present a victory. Not as, "South Dakota voters wanted a rape and incest exception but otherwise want abortion put to a stop in their state," but as, "South Dakota voters agree with us, that all women at all points in pregnancy, for any reason, need ready access to safe, legal abortion. Preferably taxpayer-funded."

UPDATE: It looks like Planned Parenthood is gonna win in South Dakota. They'll be insufferable. I can just hear the gloating now. The PR machine is gonna turn this into "broad grassroots support for Roe v Wade, even in conservative states like South Dakota." There are not words to express my profound disgust. Those of you who are gleeful over this, spare me the gloating. It's gonna be bad enough getting it in the MSM. I don't need it in my blog.

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