Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Twins, one with DS, need adoptive home

Avert thine eyes, Tlaloc, lest thou be scandalized by seeing the nasty right-to-lifers placing another kid with an adoptive family. The rest of you, let's get the word out.

This is Bryce.
Bryce is three months old and has just left the hospital to stay with a temporary family until he has a permanent home. Bryce was born prematurely and has had some surgery to repair intestinal problems.... There is a possibility that he may need a heart surgery when he has gained enough weight and become strong enough to handle. The tubes you see in the picture are temporarily supplying oxygen to keep his levels up.

Bryce has a twin sister and the birth mother would like an open adoption. They live in Colorado.

The agency handling this adoption is Loving Hands. They are hoping to find an already-licensed family in Colorado. There will be fees involved, but I always encourage families who would like to adopt but are prevented by fees to ask their church for help. Also there is a tax credit of $10,630 for adoption expenses - not a deduction, but an actual credit against taxes you owe).

If you may be able to provide a home for Bryce, please contact Crystal Gerlock of Loving Hands at

Let me suggest that if you feel an urge to adopt Bryce but you are not licensed or close to completing the home study process, then this is probably not the baby for you. Getting licensed takes at least six months and Bryce needs a home now. The urge that you feel may be God nudging you towards adopting, yes - and that would mean that you should start taking steps to prepare yourself to receive the baby God has intended for you. I believe that God truly has a plan in these adoptions - how else to explain that when you hold your baby for the first time that leap in your heart that bonds you forever? But you have to do the legwork in advance to be ready when that child comes along.

Let's all be praying for Bryce to find his way to his family.


I'll also be sending out emails. Bloggers, let's get moving!

PS: After Abortion gives this wonderful update of the results of our September 2004 blog-a-thon to find an adoptive home for a DS baby slated for abortion by a mom who was making a choice based on fear:
I've met with baby Kristy, and she is wonderful! She was born on January 5, and is cute as a button.

She has no heart problems, and no hearing problems. Mom is madly in love with her daugher, and grandma and aunt and uncles also adore her. Mom is so very glad that others showed the worth of her baby before she could even begin to love her.

I thank you all so very much for your outpouring of love for this family. God continue to bless you and yours.

Because I've received over 600 e-mails originally, pls do not respond to this e-mail. We have other clients to take care of, and I'd be swamped once again. Please do know that I truly appreciated your concern and your prayers for this mom and her baby.

Shield of Roses

See, Tlaloc? We're not monsters. These babies aren't suffering horrible fates because we're seeking homes for them.

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