Sunday, November 19, 2006

Introducing FFL's college outreach spokeswoman

Choosing Life: A Birth Mother's Story, told by Julia Thornton, a speaker for the Feminists for Life College Outreach Program:
When I went to speak with my college counselor, I was not referred to a pregnancy resource organization such as Birthright. I didn’t have access to a resource center that provides information on the medical, legal and housing issues that I was facing. Get an abortion, I was told. What more information could you want?

If we as a nation don't try to lessen their burden, then more young women will feel as if they are left with no choice but to either terminate their pregnancy or drop out of school. This is a moral and social failure we can no longer ignore.

I got to experience a college pregnancy, too. Though I was married and the pregnancy was planned, there was still pressure from society to abort. Thank God my classmates and professors, and the other staff at the university, were supportive and understanding. Every woman deserves such support. It ought not to be a flukey thing.

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