Sunday, November 05, 2006

"Our worst nightmare has happened"

Kansas Abortion MD Wants O'Reilly Probe

George Tiller's lawyer wants to know where Bill O'Reilly got his "inside information" that the late-term abortions (post-viability, killing fetuses that could have survived if delivered live) done at his clinic were for "depression" and not any threat to maternal life and health.

Tiller's lawyer, Pedro Irigonegaray, said, "Our worst nightmare has happened."

"Our worst nightmare."

The death of a 19-year-old developmentally disabled girl doesn't qualify as "our worst nightmare." Bill O'Reilly finding out that Tiller's just doing elective third-trimester abortions under the guise of "depression" -- that's "our worst nightmare."

Interesting where their priorities lie. When the death of an innocent young woman isn't your worst nightmare -- bad publicity is.

(And I don't want to hear any cock-and-bull about how he meant patient confidentiality being violated. There was no identifying information on any of those patients. Not a single patient's confidentiality was violated.)

Christin's death wasn't a nightmare. At least not to Tiller and his supporters. The public finding out he's doing post-viability abortions for "depression" -- that's the "nightmare." "Our worst nightmare."

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