Friday, November 17, 2006

OT: Police brutality incident

Got this email from Sarah at
Major 'police' brutality. A student was in the UCLA library. Campus police asked him for an id card. He had forgotten his, so he was ordered to leave. He took a few minutes leaving, (maybe gathering up his things, or printing out information for his term paper) and they grabbed him and started roughly pulling him toward the door. They may have twisted his arm too. He yelled at them to let him go. He was also a Muslim student, incidentally. After he yelled at the officers to let him go and stop hurting him, they tasered him. As he screamed and writhed on the floor, they yelled at him to stand. (It's impossible to stand when you get tasered. Electicity courses through you and every muscle screams with pain. They also lock. He COULD NOT get up no matter how much he may have wanted to) he yelled at them about police brutality. He was in agony. For the next ten minutes, they repeatedly shocked him again and again as he lay on the floor, all the while demanding he get up. Students nearby were shocked and tried to tell them to stop- begged the campus police to stop. These were campus police rent-a-cops, not even certified to arrest people.
Well, one girl asked for the officers badge number, and witnesses say they threatened to tase her too if she didnt' mind her own business. It is shocking how such a thing could happen in the U.S. I am contacting UCLA to urge them to immediately fire the two thugs, and I hope the kid presses charges and jail them for assault. And I hope he sues them for every penny they have AND the school.

The video of the incident is at

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