Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Something Fishy this Way Comes

Kansas AG gets abortion clinic records

Planned Parenthood and Tiller released records that they'd fought tooth and nail to keep under wraps. They released them right before the election.

Excuse my cynicism, but this reeks of spending months creating phony records to be turned over as an "October Surprise."

Abortion clinics falsifying records! Never!

I mean, aside from the dead patient who was charted as "pink, responsive, alert.' The consistently inaccurate records at Inglewood Women's Clinic/Hospital/Center/What-have-you. LeRoy Carhart, whose administrator reported him for, among other things, altering a patient chart. E. Wyman Garret, who altered Germaine Newman's records after her fatal abortion. Jose Higuera, who altered a patient's records to cover up having performed a third-trimester abortion. The Fargo WHO clinic, whose patient, "Nina," learned after her abortion that they'd altered her records. Benjamin Thamrong, who submitted altered patient records to the medical board during an investigation. Tommy Tucker, who ordered his staff to alter some records and destroy others in the wake of a patient death. Clinic Medica Para La Mujer De Hoy, whose abortionists have lost their medical licenses for violations related to botched abortions and falsifying medical records. Judith Comeau-Samuel and her husband Maxen Samuel. Robert Sherman. Milan Vuitch. Binod Sinha.

Oh, no particular reason to think these records might not be the original, undoctored records.

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