Monday, November 06, 2006

A letter to Bill O'Reilly

I emailed him at Those of you who are subscribers to his web site might want to consider emailing him through your preferred customer means.

Here's what I said to him:
I've seen on the internet that you're due to have George Tiller on your show. You need to throw his clinic's dubious care of Christin Gilbert in his face. Christin's autopsy report shows that she'd been in good health, in the third trimester of pregnancy, when somebody at Tiller's clinic performed the fatal abortion on her.

To get a copy of the autopsy report you can go here:

Christin's autopsy is public record so he can't hem and haw about "patient confidentiality".

Ask him about his arrangement with Kristin Neuhaus (who is no longer permitted to perform abortions in Kansas due to medical board discipline). Tiller gives Neuhaus space in his clinic and access to his patients, and she rubber-stamps their "medical" justifications.

Ask him if he has ever, upon examining a patient, been able to tell her, "Good news! Your health condition isn't as grave as your doctor believed! You can have your baby after all!"

Ask him why, if these women he's doing third-trimester abortions on have life-threatening health problems, he keeps then in a motel, with no medical supervision but their families, instead of checking them into properly equipped hospitals.

Please! Gently but firmly hold this man's feet to the fire!

Christina Dunigan

P.S. And ask him why the publicity about the 'depression', and not Christin's death, is "our worst nightmare' to him and his supporters. Enquiring minds want to know!

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