Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tennessee "Choose Life" plates to be available December 1

Tennessee Choose Life License Plates Available Starting Next Month

On a gut level, I understand the fear and loathing hardcore abortion advocates have for "Choose Life" plates. How can you counter such a message without coming out as, well, against life? But where's the famous respect for free speech, and for the principle of choice? Ought motorists not to be permitted to choose to encourage the choice they favor? And if you're on the cusp about abortion to where the sight of a license plate's gonna change your mind, I'd not say you'd made a very firm decision.

Come up with an alternative plate, guys, if you want an "opposing viewpoint."

Does anybody have a link to that site where they're trying to come up with an alternative plate, one that counters the idea that choosing life is a good thing? And there's a snarky site someplace where prolifers have proposed abortion-advocacy speciality plates.

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