Sunday, November 05, 2006

ProChoice resource gone

Dawn Eden posted about a peer-support network to help pregnant teens who choose life. She put out a call for other resources for pregnant teens. I remembered "Young Mommies Unite," that had been recommended to me, and that I'd added to the sidebar. Well, I checked the link and there is no more "Young Mommies Unite."

So there went the only prochoice resource I knew of for women who want to reject abortion.

For a movement that purports to be all about giving women choices, there's a hellofa lot of help ensuring that women who resort to abortion have all the resources they need to finish off their fetuses, and diddly-squat for women who want to carry to term. How much of a choice is it, when your allies only offer help with one option? That's a pretty powerful statement about what choice prochoice organizations expect women to make.

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