Saturday, November 04, 2006

O'Reilly on Kline's investigation

Now, I balk at O'Reilly's shrill rhetorical style, and I think he's overblowing by talking about "babies hours before birth" when we're just talking third trimester -- weeks before birth. But segment 1, he talks to Amy Richards, and she hedges and hems and haws and reiterates that she trusts George Tiller. Yeah, and Christin Gilbert's family trusted Tiller.

Richards makes a lot of admissions that will make Middle America very uncomfortable. It will also make a lot of prochoicers very uncomfortable. The idea that an abortion clinic has no obligation to report the sexual abuse of a 10-year-old girl on the grounds that reporting violates her "privacy." The idea that any reason is a good enough reason for a post-viability abortion. I'd love to see this woman's words broadcast into ever voter's home. Give her plenty of rope and let her hang herself.

(Addendum: This eluded me originally. This is the woman who aborted two of her triplets lest she end up buying mayonnaise at Costco. Thus her callousness should come as no surprise.)

Part 1

Part 2 is the interview with Phill Kline, and Kline is very clear and concise in what he has to say.

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