Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cincinnati City Beat still beating the Becky Bell drum

Abortion Advocates Still Peddle Misleading Story on Becky Bell's Death

Here's the email I sent:

Dear Mr. Fox:

I am highly disappointed to see that people are still believing the lies that the abortion lobby has generated about Becky Bell.

I have abstracted thousands of abortion malpractice cases and over a hundred autopsy reports on women and girls who have died from abortion complications. Becky Bell's autopsy report, which I have also read, clearly shows no signs whatsoever of post-abortion infection. What it shows is pneumonia, the same strain that killed Muppets creator Jim Henson.

Even Becky's parents admitted that she was still pregnant when they brought her to the hospital: the doctor told them he wasn't sure the baby would survive. Becky's best friend told a Reuter's reporter that Becky was still considering running away to a home for unwed mothers in California shortly before her death. Becky had brochures for that home in her purse when she died.

Becky's grief-stricken parents latched onto the word "abortion" on her autopsy report, evidently not realizing that this is the medical term for a miscarriage. Their confusion is understandable. That the abortion lobby decided to capitalize on their confusion is deplorable. That the news media never question the abortion lobby is inexcusable.

Meanwhile you continue to ignore teens who died of secret abortions. Dawn Ravenelle was 13 years old when her mother got a call to come to St. Luke's hospital, where Dawn was "fighting for her life". Erica Richardson's aunt arranged a secret abortion that left the girl dead from an embolism. Jammie Garcia probably would have survived the complications of her abortion had she not kept it a secret, thus delaying medical care until it was too late. Sandra Kaiser went into a terrible depression after her clandestine abortion and ended up committing suicide by throwing herself off an overpass into traffic. Tamiia Russell was brought for a secret abortion by the sister of the 24-year-old man who had been sexually abusing her. Why are these girls' deaths not newsworthy?

Becky Bell, who Planned Parenthood still drags out periodically, died in 1988 from an abortion that only took place in the heads of abortion profiteers. That same year, 17-year-old Teresa Causey died of an actual abortion that really did take place -- legally. Denise Montoya, age 15, met the same fate. As did Katrina Poole, age 16. And since then, safe and legal abortion has claimed the lives of other underage girls, including these that I know of:

1989: Glenna Jean Fox, age 17; Erica Richardson, age 16
1990: Sophie McCoy, age 17
1991: Latachie Veal, age 17
1992: Deanna Bell, age 13
1994: Jammie Garcia, age 15; Sara Niebel, age 15
1997: Maureen Espinoza, age 16
2004: Tamiia Russell, age 15

Why is it totally unacceptable for an underage girl to die from an illegal abortion that never happened, but a big fat yawn when girls die from abortions that they'd been told were perfectly safe?

Why the double standard?

I can understand why the abortion lobby has the attitude that Teresa, Denise, Katrina, Glenna, and the other girls are just so much grist for the abortion mill. But what excuse does City Beat have?

Christina Dunigan

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